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The Art of Craftsmanship

Known for refine craftsmanship, Jackson Law Furniture has been offering high-touch solutions for bespoke furniture and furnishings in commercial and residential projects for over 40 years.

From planning to production, we tailor-made to clients’ designs and specifications, working with hotels, designers, hotels, purchasing agents, procurement companies, vendors, OEM and private clients who demand attention to details and recognize discerning services.

Jackson Law Furniture has a strong reputation of dedication and continuing the legacy of delivering authentic, high-quality products, that is also the hallmark of the company and brand.

At Jackson Law Furniture, we deliver your vision.

Capabilities & Advantages

Successful delivery of any job starts with careful planning and managing client expectations. From preparing a bid for an RFP to attending the first client meeting, and from production to delivery and installation, personal attention is ensured at every step.

In-House Production and Logistics

Our production and showroom center in Dongguan, China is less than an hour from Hong Kong, which provides an advantage in transportation time and cost. The center is equipped with modern, state-of-the-art equipment capable of handling millwork, metal work and upholstery, supported by a team of dedicate craftsmen.

Flexible and Adaptable

No two designs are alike, and changes are often needed. We remain flexible throughout design, mock-up and production to ensure change-orders are properly executed. Drawing on our experience, we are able to advise clients and provide solutions to achieve the best outcome and cost impact.

Quality Assurance and Sustainability

Having worked with many world-class hotels and high-end furniture brands, Jackson Law Furniture’s products are made under high standards to meet and exceed international requirements. We have experience souring commercial-grade materials and implement quality procedures that meet inspections and audits. We are ISO certified.